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Where is the PSC located?

The Peer Support Centre is located in the Rideau Building, in Rooms 202, 203, and 204!

The PSC is operating both online through Zoom and in-person. For the upcoming months, you can enter our Zoom by inputting the ID below or clicking on the Zoom meeting link. Once you enter the meeting, you will be greeted by one of our kind and compassionate volunteers who will walk you through our confidentiality form and will be a listening ear for you for the remainder of the session. For more information about the PSC and our new digital operation, watch our video below.

For in-person sessions, visit us in the Rideau Building, Rm. 202 every day of the week from 10am-10pm.

We are working to find new ways to continue being there for you, because no problem is too big or too small.

PSC Zoom sessions are accessible via this link:
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Hours of Operation:

The PSC is open for both in-person and online sessions at this time. Please access our Zoom link here.

Please refer to our Instagram page (@peersupportcentre) for the latest updates on our hours of operation.

Need Support Now?

As of 2022, all Queen’s students have access to Console  –  A multi-lingual confidential and professional counselling service, free-of-charge. Visit Student Wellness Services for more information.

Our Values:

  • Confidentiality

  • Acceptance

  • Empathy

  • Community

We respect your right to privacy. For this reason, our volunteers are bound to a confidentiality contract that limits them from sharing any information discussed during a session to other volunteers or peers outside of the Peer Support Centre. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us.

Whatever is on your mind, we believe that it is valid and worth listening to. We strive to create a safe space that is inclusive to all students and to all experiences.

All volunteers are dedicated to empathetically listening to all peers who choose to share their own personal challenges and experiences.

Maintaining a positive relationship with the Queen’s and Kingston community is important to us. Through outreach initiatives and collaborations with external groups on campus, we strive to contribute a sense of community and belonging amongst all Queen’s undergraduate students.

It should be noted that Peer Support Centre should not be used in place of professional help from a licensed counsellor, therapist, etc. Rather, the Peer Support Centre is a listening service that can be accessed if students would like to express their feelings to someone.

Looking to reserve a PSC Remote Booth?

PSC Remote Booth Policies & Requirements:

A PSC Remote Booth can be booked for events where sensitive topics may be discussed. In case anyone attending the event is feeling uncomfortable or like they need to chat with somebody, they can attend the booth to speak to a trained supervisor or volunteer.

PSC can be requested via the AMS event request form:


  • A separate booked room for the duration of the event that has some degree of separation from the main event (it must be removed enough from the main event that all client interactions can be private and confidential). A completely enclosed room and a closable door is preferred.
  • All details about the event itself must be communicated through the AMS Event form OR to the PSC Outreach Manager ( with the Head Manager copied on the email thread ( Requests must include time, date, location, and a very detailed description of the event (what the event consists of and what content could be considered “triggering”, such as discussions of sexual violence or social inequities). Knowing the content of the event beforehand is crucial so we can prepare our volunteers to be able to provide the appropriate level of support.
  • All details must be communicated at least two weeks in advance of the event. If the request is sent with less than two weeks’ notice, the PSC cannot guarantee that we will have the necessary number of volunteers and supervisors to staff the booth.
  • Every PSC Remote Booth requires at least one PSC supervisor and one volunteer. If timing and scheduling for the event does not work with the schedules of our volunteer and staff team, we will unfortunately not be able to provide a booth (you will be informed about scheduling at least five days in advance of your event).
  • If you think your event will need more support and therefore require more than 2 PSC representatives, please include this information in your initial request. If you would like to request volunteers from Queers4Peers or BIPOC Talk, please also specify this in your initial request.
  • In the event of an emergency during a support session with an event attendee, the PSC reserves the right to enact its emergency procedures to their fullest extent (this may include contacting services such as Campus Security). If the event is set up in such a way that Campus Security will be unable to access it, we will unfortunately not be able to provide a booth.

Meet our Management Team

Abdullah Arif (he/him/his)

Head Manager

Andy Stokes-Noonan (she/her)

Outreach Manager

Allen Wu (he/him)

Marketing Manager

Jirjees Al-Shammaa (they/them)

Queers 4 Peers Manager

Melody Garas (they/she)

BIPOC Talk Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

During our operating hours, you will find a volunteer at the PSC at all times! The PSC is open for both in-person and online sessions at this time.

No! You do not need to schedule an appointment! Our drop-in service operates on a first come, first serve basis.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask to speak to the same volunteer again. In order to protect the anonymity of our volunteers and to help maintain confidentiality, we do not allow this request.

All information shared at the Peer Support Centre is confidential. A volunteer will never address your visit or issues shared outside of your visit. However, if you are uncomfortable speaking with someone you know, you are welcome to visit our other Centre (located next door) if it is open or you can also come back at another time.

Your visit to the Peer Support Centre is confidential. This means that outside of the Centre, a volunteer will not address your visit or issues shared. If you see a volunteer on-campus, you are welcome to smile or say hello, or choose not to say anything. We will follow your lead and whatever you are comfortable with.

If you arrive and the door is closed and the sign says

Session In Progress – You may choose to have a seat outside of the Centre and wait for a volunteer to be available or you can come back later

Closed – This means that it is outside of our 10 am – 10 pm operating hours.

Note: In the case of an emergency, you should seek help as necessary by calling Campus Security (533-6111) or 911. You can also contact Console.

The duration of a session is up to you. A session can range from two minutes to several hours, depending on what suits your needs best. We are open 7 days a week, hours varying, but if sessions run beyond one volunteer’s shift period, a new volunteer may finish off the rest of the session with you.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement outlines that all information disclosed to the volunteer during and after a session will be kept private. For the safety of yourself and others, the confidentiality agreement also states any circumstances when the confidentiality agreement may be breached.

Feel most welcome to reach out to us

Our Centres

Rideau Building, Rooms 202, 203, and 204

Mitchell Hall Satellite Location: Health Promotion Hub, Rm. 122

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